ugh. i have Unix work which will ultimately be fun, but i have yet to start it. i have 3 great articles about social activism to read which will also be fun, but i’m just bloody exhausted and kind of bummed out about a lot of things.

that said, some things of interest (listed as i’m obviously too busy to be making a blog post):

lactivists take on barbara walters …and everybody else. does anyone else wonder if individual’s issues with public breast feeding crosses both the madonna complex/if a woman is scantily clad she’s “asking for it” line, and that’s the real issue here?

– i know that this is a few days old, but i do think that the recent court ruling, mandating that planned parenthood of indiana turn over the records of its’ patients who are under the age of 14 is bullshit. why? it’s obviously targeting planned parenthood and not abortion providers in general in the state of indiana. i assure there are other women’s health clinics in the state, many of whom perform abortions, and private practicioners can also perform abortions. on top of that planned parenthood historically serves the low-income, and also provides their reproductive health services to men. indiana does not need less access to reproductive health services. which is where is see this whole incident leading.

– also a few days old, but i’m getting way sick of the marginalization of women’s rights issues within very visible members of the so-called liberal party. i don’t have time to get into it but i think his speech in that post is very interesting. On the upside things like this do spawn interesting discussion. as for me, this is just confirmation of the reason that i dropped him from my blogroll months ago.

– on an up note, kudos to Madeleine Albright for criticizing the Bush administration’s position on women’s reproductive rights

  1. Anonymous said:

    Many thanks for the hubby’s article. Some compelling implications about gender in liberal web communities.


  2. sarah said:

    no problem. glad it was useful to you.

  3. Amy said:

    why bummed??

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