i have been and still remain up to my ears in things to do. i the next week i have to

– finish my xml project
– complete the db manual i’m editing
(anyone know of a quick and easy way to convert an html document to a PDF?)
– prepare to teach the L401 section of search and retrieval
– pack to go camping

this weekend i’m attending the wedding of afoundobject and thewrongtim, and at the moment this bastard is staying at my house and will head out to the wedding with us. yay!

i owe like 50 e-mails to various people. my apologies. must. catch. up.

in other news, what’s up with this?

High court OKs personal property seizures

  1. Anonymous said:

    To convert to a PDF:

    If you have Acrobat (not the Reader but the whole software) you can either just pring to a PDF document (Adobe PDF should be listed as a printer) or you can use Distiller.

    Or if you want, you can email me the doc and I’ll convert it and send it back to you.


  2. sarah said:

    cool. i’ve done it with other types of documents but haven’t tried it w/an html document.

    thanks, mike.

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