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The Temperance Card
You are the Temperance card. Temperance is the
blending of elements to produce stability. We
say that someone is temperate when they are
pleasant and easy going. Temperance achieves
balance through merging, so a temperate person
is one who feels whole. Creative genius is
often found in the ability to unite two
previously unconnected ideas. Aleister Crowley
considers this one of the most important facets
of this card and names the card Art. He refers
to a generation of a third element out of two
previously existing elements. In the same way,
the artist has the ability to create a painting
from canvas and some tubes of coloured paint.
The temperate person is also inclined to think
about philosophy. Temperance leads to a calm
and rational logic but can also look beyond
everyday knowledge for the truth. Image from
The Stone Tarot deck.

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… report about the weekend wedding to come


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