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despite being swamped with work, i’m in a rare, stellar mood. it seems that i’m happiest when i’m most busy. I’ve got 2 editing projects, one it think will not meet deadline, and the other needs to be started this weekend. It seems that i’ll be working on new projects with Elijah & John due at the end of this month for a conference in Galway (my god, can i possibly scrape together the funds to go?), in addition to working on the BROG paper for AoIR coming up in October. i’m also trying to get a handle on my first independent research project for my fall class with Susan, which is both terrifying and thrilling. i also start teaching a section of L401 that I’ve never taught before this thursday. I need to make my notes for that this evening.

this weekend was nuts. Creighton deigned to come to Bloomington although he swore when we moved that he’d never do it, and made his way to Ohio with us for the wedding. i worked my ass off last week and planned on working friday night once we got to Brunswick, OH as our hotel advertised wi-fi. the bloody wi-fi was down all fucking weekend, and really scuttled my plans, and the plans of other work-a-holic guests, with whom i commiserated. it the end though, I got all my work done, and relaxing for two days was probably the very best thing that i could have done.

brooke & tim had a lovely wedding. though married, in general i loathe weddings, as most of them seem to be all pagentry and little substance. both weddings that i’ve attended this summer have been both heartfelt and fun. brooke & tim’s wedding even had an armada battle which Creighton and i fought valiantly in a gosh-it-might-float rowboat against pete, john, and ben. afterwards beer was had while floating around the lake. the weekend also brought a bit of drunken-yoga-while-smoking of all things. the only thing that would have made it better was if amy, rob, and mark had been able to be there.

this weekend really made me realize how lucky i am to have such wonderful and interesting friends. it’s nice to have visitors, not guests. people that are comfortable kicking about your house, and helping themselves to a beer. we won’t be in indiana much longer, so if you’re going to visit, like ben, john, creighton, and mark have, i suggest you do it soon.

anyone who knows me, has heard me say that i can’t wait to get the hell out of Indiana. and while that may be true, i have recently come to the realization that i have wonderful friends here as well. for all the reasons that it will be wonderful to leave here in December, there are also reasons that it will break my heart to leave. and for this i find myself immeasurably happy – what could i possibly have done to deserve for things to be this good?

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  1. Kate said:

    Awww…your Hoosier friends are going to miss you too!

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