we’re back

we’re back. had a totally great time. if you have a chance to go to big south fork national river and recreation area i suggest you do it. nicely marked trails, beautiful area, kick-ass hiking — we probably did about 15 miles over saturday & sunday. next time we go we want to stay at the charit creek lodge. it’s hike or horseback in only. beautiful and friendly staff. pics of course on flickr.

really great time. teach tomorrow. saw war of the worlds & land of the dead tonight. rule!

friends, would any of you consider renting a group spot together in Acadia National Park next summer? (Creighton, I know you claim to not to want to go camping but Pete & i have agreed to supply you with tent, comfortable sleeping bag, pillow, food, etc. i.e. if you go you will have to do virtually nothing :)

  1. amy said:

    we’re there y0

  2. sarah said:

    cool cool.

    i’m glad creighton is bribable…

  3. Winnie said:

    how far down do those stairs go? Seems like it’s steep enough for hikers to hold on to the railing all the way down!

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