more on acquired family from an unlikely place

I love reading the NY Times food section and check it out every monday. This week i was pleasantly surprised to find a great article about Emily Saliers’ (yes, of the Indigo Girls) restaurant, Watershed, located in Decatur, GA. I had no idea that she owned a restaurant and is apparently way into food. the article itself is as much about family as it is about food (and really aren’t food and family intertwined to some degree anyway?)

chef Scott Peacock and his mentor, southern food expert Edna Lewis have come to an unusual arrangement, a long-time friendship has resulted in a bit of an adopted family as Mr. Peacock has agreed to care fo Ms. Lewis as she (the daughter of slaves who worked into her 70s) ages. They share an apartment and he makes arrangements for her care when he can’t be at home.

as a matter of fact, Watershed seems to be a bit of an interesting affair in terms of family, Emily Saliers is a lesbian and has a long-time partner; Scott Peacock is also gay. watershed has 3 other partners besides Saliers and the restaurant is run by collaborative effort and concensus. the article makes it clear that bond between the group extends far beyond the restaurant itself. the New York times article about this restaurant (and the relationships that surround it) is a good read, especially if you enjoy good food. the description of the fried chicken made even me want to try it.

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  1. Anne said:

    Isn’t that a great article? Two different sources sent it to me yesterday & today, as if little miss Indigo fan here would have missed it. :) I knew Emily co-owned the restaurant, and I’d read a little bit about the chef, but didn’t know his whole story — it’s just so cool. My aunt (who lives in ATL) took my mom to Watershed last time she visited, and they said the fried chicken really was that good. (Mom brought me back a business card. I’d rather have the chicken!)

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