electronics panic, and other things

so where the hell have i been?

busy, busy, and i remain busy with a paper deadline looming next monday, a cataloging assignment due this week, and moving at the end of the month.

i just realized the other day how odd it is that walking around with a lot of cash in my wallet makes me nervous but i’ll walk around with $3,000 of electronic equipment no problem. what’s up with that? is it normal to cart a computer, and ipod and a digital camera with you wherever you go? i often find myself leaving school, getting halfway out of the building and stopping abruptly to fish around my bag

— electronics panic! —

is my teeny ipod still there? did i accidently put it down anywhere and leave it? what about the camera? i do this like once a day.

on a totally different note, my copy of the harry potter book has been in the town of bloomington since 6:59am yesterday.

well it can arrive now. so, where is it? although i must say that i almost wish that i hadn’t ordered a copy of the book. Richard Stallman points out a case in Canada that i wasn’t aware of where people who were sold the book early by mistake were court ordered not to read the book. the issue is much bigger than i present it here. you should read the article. Stallman suggests protesting by not buying the book. to bad mine’s almost here and was ordered in january.

until it arrives though, what little free time i have will be spent reading the most recent copy of foreign affairs. the theme is the next pandemic and it with 2 great articles from Laurie Garrett it focuses on avian influenza. i’m not the only one concerned.

  1. Kate said:

    Did you get your book yet?

  2. sarah said:

    oh yeah…. and i finished it today. what about you?

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