bad katamari!

so yesterday i took a mental health day. i didn’t do any work. i read the new harry potter (i still haven’t finished it yet, though!), applied to about 7 jobs (yeah, on my day off), started packing, played games, etc. it was pretty nice. and i feel better and ready to tackle the loads of work that i have to do now.

a decent portion of the weekend was spent playing katamari damacy. it’s a delightful seemingly light-hearted game, and a refreshing switch from violent games (which i also enjoy, admittedly). i wonder what the player demographics are for this one considering it’s not your typical game.

i say that it seems light-hearted because the game has happy, frivelous sounding music, is very colorful, and the images are adorable. but the little prince serves his uncaring and unkind father who constantly insults him and tosses away the presents he has for his son. constantly trying to please, the little prince allows himself to be sent back to earth over and over in order to roll massive quantities of earth objects together in order to replace the stars his father has knocked out of the sky. in addition, the little people, cats, turtles, fish, bears, etc. that are so fun to roll up go into the sky forever. not so uplifting, huh?

  1. jackie said:

    everyone needs a mental health day sometimes. sometimes I think I need a mental health WEEK!

  2. sarah said:

    i believe that’s called a vacation, dear. and yes, you could definately use one! :)

  3. jackie said:

    oh, right, vacations! those!

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