random notes

in my independent study w/Dr. Hara this semester I’ve been reading article after article from the journal Mobilization. uniformly they’ve all been interesting and well written. I may have to subscribe.


Pete points out our realization that
we decorate like college guys. it occurs to me that in gendered opinions, this is entirely my fault. any time i hear someone talk about a space needing a “woman’s touch” i involuntarily snicker…remind youself that i’m the one shopping for the tiki bar, and you’ll see what i mean.

speaking of, does anyone know where to find a nice, relatively simple and inexpensive indoor tiki bar? i keep getting hits for big outdoor monstrosities.

  1. Melissa said:

    Sarah, I’m aghast that you’re not in love with potpourri sachets and dried flower wreaths. Where did your mother go wrong??

  2. we’ll keep an eye out for ya – – lord knows we’ve had an equally hard time finding similar items. apparently fun is only for the very very rich.

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