self-indulgent per-blog/product whoring

so the cataloging project is turned in. i am finished with cataloging and am quite pleased about it. turned it in last night so i didn’t have to come in and turn it in at 9:30 this morning and slept in late. on our way home we stopped at yogi’s to celebrate. as a person who is embarrassed to purchase frozen drinks and as a result prefers margaritas on ice (because anyway, they’re better that way) i’ve discovered that they make a drink called a rocket pop that is layered to look, well like a rocket pop. and i love them.

also i finally got a pair of sandals that i wanted from the local outfitter LJ Waters that has served us well, especially when we want to see the equipment we’re buying. and if you’re ever in the market for a swim suit, especially an athletic suit may i suggest swim outlet? recently a series of events have led me to believe that i really need to learn to be a better swimmer. i had such a good time sailing this spring when we went to visit pete’s grandparents in florida, and pete’s dad has recently purchased a late 70s sailboat which i’d love to spend some time on. (i had such a good time sailing this spring, i want to buy my own sunfish to play around with)

so if i’m spending time on boats i should really be a strong swimmer so i decided to buy an athletic swimsuit to take to the lake when we visit pete’s grandparents next week so i can go out and practice everyday. so when i got the suit in the mail this morning, and it didn’t fit i looked at the tag, i noticed that i got the wrong size! a quik call to swim outlet resulted in the right size being shipped out to me today and a UPS label issued to me so i can send the wrong suit back. yay!

and while i’m at it pete pointed me in the direction of a great mix done by Shir Khan. It’s the FAVELA-SPACE-VODOO-DEATHDISCO-KICKS (07/05) mix and uses 2 M.I.A. remixes. sweeeet.

  1. Matt (you know, little brother...?) said:


    I finally stopped being a dork (well, not really) and looked up your blog!

    I’m happy to hear you’re coming next week / hoping I can at least go to the lake with you ( I dunno about going back with you though – I have a HUGE pile of homework that I just got. Yay European History / Classification of organisms!)

    love. Matt

  2. sarah said:

    it’s a bummer about not being able to come back w/us, but good luck on your work.

    too bad you’re not here now – i’m baking cookies!

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