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the photo above is of my friend, Tahirah, who helped to organize and implement a forum on campus in order to talk about the place of gay people in church. the article that the school paper printed about it can be located on their site.

My favorite part of the article:

“Some audience members felt they should address personal beliefs questioning homosexuality as a sin. One woman said she believes homosexuality is a choice that could be corrected, and that church members should treat gays as sinners.

But facilitator Tahirah Akbar-Williams steered the discussion away from the subject of ‘sin’ and geared it toward how the church can help gays and lesbians grow in their faith.

‘We are here to talk about how we can respect one another,” Akbar-Williams said in response to a comment about homosexuals being considered “sinners.” “We need to create a space for GLBT people in churches or religious institutions. I hope and pray to start a dialogue of respect and begin the process which helps us acknowledge that we are all different and we practice our faiths differently. However, within these differences, we can respect one another and move forward.’ ”

Great work!


New York City will be dimming their lights in order to lesson the possibility of birds becoming confused.

“‘Here is the bottom line: Birds just don’t see glass,’ said Professor Klem. ‘The animals are not able to recognize glass as a barrier and avoid it.'”

on a similar note i watched a bit of the documentary, Winged Migration last night while i was coding blogs. what i saw of it was absolutely stunning, without and excessive amount of voice over. i need to look into how they got all those crazy bird-level airborne shots – they’re amazing.

Noah’s Wish, an organization that i wasn’t aware of before hurricane katrina, seems to be doing a really great job. They have a special page for information from the katrina disaster, information about how you can help with money and supplies and information about becoming a volunteer. There’s also a picture gallery of rescued animals on their site, and another gallery offsite.

that today will be a link round-up:

– I am led to believe that President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has to either be
1) a total misogynist, or
2) completely nuts
perhaps both.

cholera spreads throughout west Africa

– stop the insanity: “Previous studies have shown that on a typical day, almost one-third of U.S. youngsters eat fast food”

– new orleans still cooks

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