mad props

the photo above is of my friend, Tahirah, who helped to organize and implement a forum on campus in order to talk about the place of gay people in church. the article that the school paper printed about it can be located on their site.

My favorite part of the article:

“Some audience members felt they should address personal beliefs questioning homosexuality as a sin. One woman said she believes homosexuality is a choice that could be corrected, and that church members should treat gays as sinners.

But facilitator Tahirah Akbar-Williams steered the discussion away from the subject of ‘sin’ and geared it toward how the church can help gays and lesbians grow in their faith.

‘We are here to talk about how we can respect one another,” Akbar-Williams said in response to a comment about homosexuals being considered “sinners.” “We need to create a space for GLBT people in churches or religious institutions. I hope and pray to start a dialogue of respect and begin the process which helps us acknowledge that we are all different and we practice our faiths differently. However, within these differences, we can respect one another and move forward.’ ”

Great work!

  1. Anonymous said:

    At a glance I read, “…focus on gay churches”!

    Now THAT would be interesting.


  2. Mike said:

    Obviously gays would prefer to talk about how they can participate in church without addressing the important issue of sin, in fact most professing “Christians” would love to erradicate sin altogether from discussions, heck I would love to get rid of sin, but the reality is someone born again must be “renewed” and “born-again” by the Spirit of God. Only then can any sinner, gays included, can have any real fellowship with the Church.

  3. m00se said:

    Thanks for the blanket statement about gays and Christians, Mike. Hope you feel better after posting to this over two year old entry!

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