blogging AoIR – part 2

some of the folks in this session went a bit quickly – so notes may not be so great as i had difficulty keeping up



Inna Kouper
Indiana University – SLIS

Why online news?
– news reflects dominant societal values & ideals
– news contributes to social construction of the world
– stereotypes
– behavior modeling
– cultural norms & values

online news is a popular phenomenon. aggregated online news especially a diverse picture

why women
– generally 50% of pop. & work force
– generally becoming more involved in society in general

why photos? it shapes how we see the world

research questions
– how = men & women represented on images of online news?
is there a difference in gender rep between English & Russian news?

us – google news
– US
– business
– 20 images each

bell, van leeuwen 2001

most images are figurative on both google & yandex
most pictures are of humans
yandex has more pictures inanimate objects (probably because of copyright issues/cost)

– far more pictures of both individual groups of males in google yandex
– more pictures of joint groups than of individual or group females

considerable bias towards man than women
47% indiv. males and 26% group males in google
37% indiv. males and 20 % male groups in
11% joint groups google 20% yandex

women are often are in more in close personal and public distance
-42% images of women show head & shoulders
-yandex 52% women @ distance in a crowd

symbolic annihilation (tuchman 1978) – certain groups of people can be excluded from public discussion if seen as socially insignificant
women are not newsworthy
possibly not symbolically included but physically excluded because
– less opportunity
– work-family conflict
– male culture
– no immediate effect of social changes
– anti-feminist backlash
– esp. with recent discussions about do women wanting to be in the spotlight or choosing to stay at home. needs to be more of a discussion?

Q & A
would a different sample of a different day show a different story? like the day Harriet miers was nominated?
– looked again on a different day but didn’t find a significant difference. for instance found an article about yoko ono – with a picture of john Lennon

if there’s bias in the aggregation itself?
– is the algorithm sexist? wanted to talk about it but don’t really know details about algorithm. collected by popularity, statistically more men than women read news, therefore these stories more popular, and these are collected


Carol Schalbe
Arizona State – Journalism

looked at images of Iraq war on 26 news sites during first 5 weeks then after the first anniversary

most Americans experience war via the media

Iraq first a war where
– journalist were embedded
– the internet was a medium of coverage

18 newspapers
3 major TV, 2 cable
2 major news magazines

news media & collective memory
– dayan et. al,
– kitch
– found nothing now how news websites help shape collective memory

why images
– live in digital age
– historians who study collective memory study images
– public memory is created by a public, mass media created past

images of war
– us doe not show gore, dead Americans, civilian dean
– international news shows more dead (Tsang)

1991 gulf war (griffin & lee)
– 6 types of photos in magazines

(griffen) images predictable, American centered perspective rather thank complex or independent images (news magazines)

framing theory underpins war studies
– framing the news > slant, emphasis selections
– news framing includes
– process
– context

how do the first 5 weeks of photos frame the news
– content analysis
– 2 coders
dominant biggest photo

– opening night most images of the us war machine. images of shock & awe
– Iraq skyline

2nd week
– human faces

3rd week
– Jessica lynch

4th week
– toppling of Saddam’s statue & regime

5th week
– war appears to be over
– American faces

first anniversary coverage
– showed dominant images of Americans & Iraqis

how does the nature of the internet effect?
– young medium
– just after bust
– followed traditional routines & rituals

images injured & dead

3rd week (lynch)

the internet will help play a role in the creative of collective memory
coverage of anniversaries reinforces this

online war images portray patriotic gov-friendly perspective


Narayanan Iyer
Indiana University – Telecommunications

Diversity of News Content

– provides a diversity of viewpoints
– gives voice to the majority and the marginalized
– different genres
– news genre

google news
uses 4500 worldwide news sources
updated every 15 minutes

uniqueness of google news
– compiled by computer algorithms
– black box figure
– allegedly no bias

– do the different regions of news sources in google news give rise to different political viewpoints and ideologies?

region breakdown
– us national newspapers
– US state newspapers
– int’l English speaking country
– international non-English speaking country.
– all English speaking sites


– content analysis of google news headlines on 3 diff news from Iraq war
– stories collected @ 6 month interviews
– article w/in 4 days of the incident
– relevance of articles

– masking impt. of story can be denoted by assigning by part of larger story
– agents for story – included or omitted
– description of agents in the headlines
– slant: writer & source bias

coded headlines
intercoder reliability were ?? only 89% – tried to compensate

discussed 3 stories

63% from us
27 % UK, Canada Australia, India, and s Africa
rest distributed

slant moderately correlated w/region of news source

national us news papers tended to echo the average view
– state us newspapers tended to be more troop sympathetic

variety of google news sources does not imply that the overall presentation of news is free from political ideology and viewpoint


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