back from chicago

i’m home, and mostly caffinated and thereby awake. i’m organizing photos and notes taken at AoIR this weekend. It was nice to see folks I don’t regularly see like Anna and Lilia, and meet new people like David Park. I had a really great time and am energized and thinking of new ways to get the most out of the little bit of time I have left here at SLIS – october, november, then graduation with a presentation in Galway along the way. I need to learn prolog. I need to become more comfortable with SNA. I need a brain implant and a PhD program.

It would not have been a brog trip if there wasn’t some emphasis on food; excellent indian buffet with an incredible fish curry, then sushi at Oysy. as i’m sick of all of my music, John brought lots of cds and i have developed an affinity for an artist named myshkin, apparently now of Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers. I can’t place where her sound fits into the spectrum – folk sorta-kinda?

On Sunday we got to see the Chicago marathon run by – incredible. Definitely something i’d like to work towards once i graduate, perhaps not the Chicago, but possibly the Baltimore marathon?

almost time to return the rental car and get to work…


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