Blogging AoIR – How Photobloggers are Framing a New Computerization Movement

How Photobloggers are Framing a New Computerization Movement
Eric T. Meyers, Howard Rosenbaum, Noriko Hara
Indiana University, SLIS

lenhart, horrigan & fallows (2004) Pew Internet and American Live report
will talk about flickr and

computerize movements
– way to approach photoblogging
– computerization w/in a sociotechnical context. based on sociological context of social movemnts
– kling and iacono
– components
– a core ICT
– organizational structures CM organizations
– collective action
CMs are driven by collective action to overcome the “status quo” and establish a new way of life. CM means positive social change. they don’t agree w/techno – utopian point of view
– public discourse; technological framing
– ideology and myths
– organizational practices
– historical practices

technological framing is very important

CM has difference classifications
– original framework based on internal organizations
– some very market driven and others are not
– scope of CM some very wide and others are very narrow
– stand alone and bundled
– positive vs. negative (positive original framework they have added negative such as spamming)

photoblogs as blogs

def: chronological blog of photography. can usually navigate to previous or next from the photo you’re looking at (took from wikipedia)

– grey area between gallery and photo blog (think of the ways flickr can be used)
– 11,500 sites at but growing very quickly
– not a lot of research on photo blogs


media frame

– how public/media discussing photoblogs
total 141 since nov. 2002. (based on lexis nexis search)
– conducted related term count within news stories
top terms are only positive or neutral

photoblogger frame

what do photobloggers say
discussion groups on fotoblog and flickr
coded most pop threads
anything with over 100 in thread in flickr
anything over 20 in fotoblog

– issues of censorship, nudity, privacy, image theft, copyright, photo modification, service issues, photostreams, off topics
– they often talk about the social networks, commenting, linking, tags, demographics

measuring photoblogs
– took 4 sub samples of 35 sites from fotoblogs top 10 popular and same in flickr (used site’s randomizer. (admit that categories are subjective but they feel obvious)
– hobby vs. pro
– 60% male, 20 % female, 20% unknown
– only 1/3 from n. america,
– 38% report full name. more popular report full name
– comments not necess. useful for coding
posting rates
– flickr ppl post more
– fotoblog less
– did not find an average of 1 per day
– top sites have posted longer
– over time popular posts post more per month as they go on
– random ppl’s sites amounts of posting drop over time

is it? suspicion is that it’s not a wide CM. flickr sharing photos with friends and family is different. if it is it’s a small CM

provides example photos of what they coded as artistic, vs. snapshots. more snapshots in flickr

notes: mentioned finding many photos of food – interesting that there are no presentations on food blogging and food bloggers here)


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