nothing special

i’ve had a bloody long day, seven hours on the reference desk, several of them unexpected, a research meeting, 2 talks that i wanted to go to and couldn’t. but for once i have nothing to say besides despite the fact that i graduate in december and have no real job prospects and not enough experience in any one thing to be really impressive, i’m genuinely happy. i feel a palpable sense of possibility in virtually every area of my life. i’m just on the brink of having a hand in doing interesting and useful research. i have really excellent friends who make being in any geographic location bearable. i have a really wonderful partner and fuzzy pets to come home to.

altogether i’m in a pretty decent spot.

  1. Anonymous said:

    talks that i wanted to go to and couldn’t.

    I have the RKCSI talk from yesterday on video, it will go online sooner or later – if thats of any help. =)

  2. sarah said:

    you are one sweet fellow, Dale.


  3. samantha said:

    Dale rulz & so does Sarah!
    Ahhh, warm fuzzies all around!

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