so i am up to my eyeballs in work. what else is new? but the amount of things that i have to do is unusual. that said, i’ve been making decent progress which was facilitated by a day at home yesterday and saturday, which was my first day off from work (although i did school work) in 7 weeks. if all goes well with loading data into ucinet in a few hours, all should be well with the world.

over the weekend pete and i decided to commit to moving to DC after graduation, job or no, so we’ll be in town on November 21st & 22nd apartment shopping. that weekend (actually the day we’re flying out) is also our anniversary, so i think this will necessitate some sushi while there. yesterday i also managed to find a synthetic fiber filled coat that will travel well. it was quite a job – it seems like everything is filled with down! while i have a nice russian military coat, it’s huge and will not travel well at all. i also managed to make a quick pan of brownies and thereby update the long-neglected tasty kake.

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  1. jackie said:

    like I said to Pete, DC is not as close as B-more, but we’ll take it! It will be so nice to have you guys around again, and the job market will probably be kinder to you in DC, so good move all around.

    I’m in the middle of a lot of questioning about my own career, which I’m trying to avoid. Perhaps brownies would be a good solution to that– thanks for the inspiration!

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