link wrangle

i’m genuinely too busy to post anything of interest myself. i’m in the middle of several assignments, applying for jobs, and getting ready to go to DC to find an apartment.

fortunately other people are less busy! :)


pete posts about the craziness in Tunis at the World Summit on the Information Society. Including part of John Paolillo’s time there. John also has picures and a link to his slides from the presentation.

Pandagon posts in response to a post entitled “Roe Fatigue”. Here’s an excerpt:

“So, I’m tired of carrying this burden through every Republican presidency. Let them get the benefit of their bargain with the GOP when they voted for Gdub and their R senators by watching Roe overturned. As teenage girls turn-up pregnant all over white suburban high schools these self-described ‘moderates’ voting Republican can learn first hand about the consequences of their votes.”

my response in short – cry me a river! it’s so easy to say if you never have to deal with it. Pandagon has a much more well executed response.

girls have no proclivities towards math? riiiigghht….

Jessamyn West is included in this AP piece about radical reference librarians, “Activist librarians shake quiet, meek stereotype: Groups seek to fight censorship and spread information.”

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  1. i just put the dots together re: Jessamyn w/in the past week

    so odd that it took til now

    (and odder still that it was randomly stumbling across her Flickr stream that did it)

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