so, i’m working at the education library this afternoon, and this fellow comes up to the reference desk looking for a book. he gives me a string of numbers and then says textbook. i asked him if that was the series number of the textbook. he looks at me like i’m stupid and says, no that’s the course number. i then asked him if he knew the name of the book or the name of his professor or where the syllabus for the class could be located because i was going to have to

find the syllabus –> find the title –> look up the title

again he looks at me like i’m nuts. i informed him that there’s no special area for class textbooks. he says, “you mean they’re just floating around anywhere? that’s weird!” i said, well they’re cataloged with the rest of the collection…

so he tells me that one of his friends might have the textbook, “nevermind.” and proceed to talk to some girls about drinking.

there are less than 4 weeks of class left. he doesn’t know who his professor is, what the title of his textbook is, doesn’t have his syllabus and doesn’t know where there’s an electronic copy i can access, but somehow manages to be amazed that i don’t instantly have the information he wants. mindblowing.

  1. Anne said:

    Dude. Why do you think I like working in SLIS? You guys get beyond that point after only a month or two, usually.

    *ducking and running*

  2. Kate said:

    I encounter that kind of thing working at the university library all the time, but rarely at the community college library…which is why I prefer working at the CC.

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