on the road again

so this evening we’re off to spend a few days in DC, trying to find an apartment that

1) is in DC or Takoma Park
2) has a 2nd bedroom or den or large closet that will serve as office space
3) has a metro stop within walking distance, or has a bus stop and a grocery store within walking distance
4) takes pets
5) will let us take over the lease in early December so we can move as soon as we’re able

it should be no problem… ;P

ideally we’ll sign a lease tomorrow and we can spend tuesday working. i have a ton of writing to do and a little bit of programming. i’m taking wednesday and thursday off for baking and having thanksgiving with friends. i’m really looking forward to it.

i got a flickr pro account as a quick solution that will allow me to get some photos off of my harddrive. so expect more photos. i’m running out of space very quickly. i need a mac desktop or an external hard drive. perhaps rebuilding my windows machine will alleviate this problem a bit too.


  1. Anonymous said:

    that’s a really beautiful cup of coffee and teapot/ coffee mug set.

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