i don’t get it

i randomly ran across 2 animal abuse stories today. i don’t understand how people can be this horrible. i honestly don’t get it.

– in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia a restaurant manager was keeping two cheetah cubs tied to a fence and would force them to fight with each other for amusement. the animals have been rescued and will soon call the National Palace home. the cubs seem only to have known abuse before being rescued by a veterinarian and a group of US counterterrorism troops, the owner had purchased the animals from poachers who had blinded one of the cubs by kicking her in the face.

– a Florida man buried his 5 month old puppy, named meatball, alive as a punishment for digging too many holes. the man faces charges and animal control is attempting to gain custody of the puppy and find him a good home.

on a happier note, Tai Shan, the newest panda in the DC zoo is apparently mugging for all to see. There’s 2 years left until he’s sent to China – I can’t wait to see him.


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