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several of you have asked about my job. At present I’m a government contractor working as a solo Librarian for the EPA. It wasn’t really what I was looking for but, so far it’s not too bad. I’m waiting for hardware and software upgrades so once that happens things will be much better.

Because I’m a total fool who eschews her leisure time, I’m also volunteering for a Senator’s re-election campaign. It’s grunt work but I’m really enjoying it.

That’s my new work life in a nutshell. the contractor gig is pretty much 70% web work which is very nice because I’ll be forced to become proficient in XHTML, CSS, creating graphics etc. The whole page is begging for a redesign and that will be a lot of fun. The other part is reference work. The questions require a great deal of digging and I’ve never had reference questions which require more than 30 minutes or so to locate and answer, so all around, it’s an interesting experience.

I’ve been interested in environmental issues for some time, but haven’t really been active in keeping up with them. Pete and I have taken some steps towards “greener” living – we ditched our car several years ago and are trying to never own another car again although we do participate in flexcar. The coolest thing about that being the fact that many of the cars are hybrids – lessening the environmental impact further. That said we don’t really recycle – most places we’ve lived have no program or a program which necessitates driving one’s recycling to the recycling center which complicates things.

personally I take the approach that it’s best to try and lessen one’s proverbial environmental footprint on the earth, but it’s complicated by the triumvirate of lessoning one’s negative impact on other humans (read sweatshops), on other living beings (animals), and the environment in general (plants, bodies of water, etc.) trying to maintain a balance of these things is virtually impossible. a good choice in one column almost always has a negative impact in another. for example:

– those cosmetics that weren’t tested on animals might have been made in a questionable factory by a big corporation whose other divisions animal test and make their products in a country whose pollution laws are lax

– that organic cotton shirt may not have been made in a sweatshop per se but was still made in Bangladesh….what does that mean?

– fake meat products – how much energy went into making them? what the hell kind of chemicals are in them?

– do organic fruits and vegetables require more work to produce? does that work come in the form of migrant farm labor? how are those farmers treated?

– so if i get products shipped to me which i ordered online is the impact of shipping less than driving a car to get the same product?

– okay. screw ’em. i bought a sewing machine. I’m just going to make my own damn clothes. who made the machine? and the fabric?

I think this job affords me with the perfect opportunity to learn more about these issues. therefore in this spirit i bring you a list of links to current environmental issues:

– Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton initiates an amendment to the potential asbestos legislation which would permit “people exposed to asbestos stemming from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Gulf Coast hurricanes and other disasters to seek compensation from an industry funded trust.”

– one year old green communities is an initiative which is working to build 8,500 environmentally sound homes for low income families

Bitch Ph.D. reminds us that the polar bear is on the verge of being declared an endangered species

– find yourself some Vermont born organic microbrew


is your wife or girlfriend a total conformist? has her will been so
broken that she wears lipstick and scrubs the kitchen floor with a
toothbrush? is she a complete martyr?

if so swiffer would like to donate $5,000 to her favorite charity (i
suggest planned parenthood) and give her a years supply
of swiffer products.

nominate her. go ahead.

so i am in dc, i am employed, and my internet connection at home is terrible. i am paying good money for a far less than acceptable internet connection. it sucks and i’m not sure if it’s fixable.

until i have time for real content i bring you the latest meme which Eric has tagged me with:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
Assistant Manager at Starbucks
Server at IHOP
Server at Denny’s
Editorial Asst.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
LOTR trilogy
Big Lebowski
Best In Show

Four places I have lived:
Baltimore, MD
St Mary’s City, MD
Burgettstown, PA
Bloomington, IN

Four TV shows I love to watch:
The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
West Wing
Star Trek Next Generation

Four places I have been on vacation:
Dublin & Galway, Ireland
Grand Teton National Park
Big South Forth National Recreation Area
Port St. Lucie

Four websites I visit daily:
Google News (yeah, I know)
SLIS Blogs

Four of my favorite foods:
Anything make by John Paolillo
Fish Curry mady by Anupam Das
Pete’s beans and rice
Vicky G.’s pie

Four places I would rather be right now:
in bed asleep
traveling – in general

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