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for me?
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*please excuse me as i blatantly ignore politics*

today i bring you more fun food blogs.

vegan lunchbox: two words – vegan corndogs. i am addicted to this site. yes, i check everyday, and read the comments. shut up. true confession – i’m waiting for my laptop lunchbox to arrive in the mail.

A Veggie Venture: clearly the focus here is on vegetables which, for me is awesome. the occasional bit of meat is tossed in, but none of the recipes that i’ve seen seem focused on it, which is nice switch-up even if you’re a meat eater. At present the front page includes a recipe for, no shit, beet ice cream.

The Yummy Banana: super-theamed food blog. guess what the focus is? hmmmm?

The Unemployed Cook: omniverious food blog with great descriptions, pictures, and recommended changes to the recipe. check out the fondue recipe. (speaking of fondue, by frind ben makes a killer fondue. ben – start blogging about food, will ya?)

Super Eggplant: both knitting AND food. how can you possibly go wrong?

The Daily Tiffin: mostly lunches blogged in the vegan lunchbox style. the voyer in me likes to look into the lunchboxes of strangers.

Mahanandi: indian food. lots of recipes and gorgeous picures. super extra bonus points for homemade paneer recipes and a recipe for idli. mmmm….

Baking Sheet: all things baked. rolls, to pastry, to killer desserts. i’m hoping to try out the mozzarella stuffed dinner rolls this weekend

Fat Free Vegan: eating fat free may not have all of the health benefits once thought, however if you use these recipes it’s not like you’re going to miss the dairy. honest.

speaking of food, we’re in the early stages of planning a cupcake party – so start looking around for recipes. :)

  1. Vicky is also addicted to these vegetarian or vegan corn dogs. I’m not sure what they are cauz she eats them too fast for me to get a good look at them.

  2. Anonymous said:

    hi sarah, michele “1L” here.

    just wanted to say thanks for posting these food blogs! i’ve bookmarked many of them. how cool are the laptop lunchboxes??

  3. sarah said:

    wait a sec…i’ve never seen premade veggie corndogs…holy shit, where’s Vicky getting these things? and why is she holding out on me?

    michelle – the laptop lunchboxes look really cool. allegedly mine shipped today – i’ll post pics when i get it.

  4. Hey, thanks for the link! Fondue is one of my number one favorite things to eat, glad you like it, too!

  5. Anonymous said:

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