CIL Overview

As i’ve previously mentioned, my computer is b0rked. i’m waiting for the mac shipping box so i can send my beloved navi in for repair. So, until i type up all my notes, i bring you highlights of the conference:

Thirty Search Tips in 40 Minutes – presented by Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Services.
This session was especially useful in terms of combining new tools and tips with familiar procedures. I would suggest any future sessions where she was speaking. A list of her recent presentations is located on her site.

Cool Tools Update for Webmasters – presented by Darlene Fichter and Frank Cervone.
This session was simply a fast-paced run through of neat tools. The power point slides are available.

Digitization Issues and Challenges – presented by Lloyd Davidson, Christopher Warnock, and Stephen Abram
The current SLA President-elect, Stephen Abram stole the show in this panel which presented three disparate views of digitizing documents and the present and future accessibility of this type of material. Abram acknowledged Warnock’s position that libraries and specifically scientific libraries are undergoing massive upheaval and will not function in the future as they do at present. However, unlike Warnock, Abram indicated that librarians will be just as, if not increasingly more, useful in the future as information iss’t getting easier to find, and “people aren’t getting any smarter”. I found his position to be especially enlightening and quite similar to the positions taken buy individuals working to create a viable semantic web. This presentation has compelled me to join SLA in the near future. Professional Library organizations need to be this forward thinking.

The Exploding Future of Social Communication – presented by Brian Pomeroy
The Web 2.0 Challenges to Libraries – presented by Paul Miller
These presentations looked to the future of electronic communication and the implementation of better and more collaborative endeavors in library technology. Pomeroy’s presentation provided more of a sweeping view of what’s going on now and Miller outlined a collaborative project that would allow libraries of all kinds to provide their users with a more rich on-line experience while at the same time compelling them to use the resources of their local library.
Related links:
Miller’s slides from the talk
– The blog of Miller’s company, Talis.
– Pomeroy’s site, FutureWeb contains a link to the slides of the talk.

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    thanks for posting the CIL stuff…i didn’t have any travel money left to go, so i appreciate you spreading the info.

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