Vi/VIM resources

not very interesting for anyone but me. but i wanted to gather these puppies together so i can get to them easily from home or work. if anyone has further reccommendations please comment and i’ll add ’em.

VI Lovers Homepage

Adrian’s VIM Page

Simple Guide to Vi/VIM

A Quick Guide to Vi

Vim The Editor

Download 500+ page book on VIM

– simply type “vimtutor” into the command line for 30 minute tutorial

Vim Cookbook

Vim Quick Reference Card

The Vi Mug (i should bring mine in to work)

Vi Reference

  1. Andrew said:


    What happened between last summer’s Unix class and now that you’ve switched from emacs to vi?

    I’m flabbergasted…

    Did you get my e-mail?

  2. Ben said:

    i don’t know if you want to hear this… but i have VIM on my 770… it’s teh handy

  3. Suso said:

    I’ve been working on some Vim quick reference sheets to add to my other quick reference sheets ( In my opinion, too many vim quick reference sheets cover TOO MUCH material and fail to make the common things that people look for easy to find. Of course, the quick reference sheets I’ll be making will cater more towards the beginner.

    Maybe if I feel so inclinded, I’ll make some emacs ones too.

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