So going to doctor appointments has become a virtual second job. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, and I’m spending it doctor hopping. I’ve got an appointment with a plastic surgeon and my radiologist tomorrow. God knows there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than going to the doctor on my day off. Tuesday I go to another plastic surgeon. I’m kind of interviewing them to see what they tell me and get a quick second opinion. One was recommended by my primary surgeon, the other is a well regarded plastic surgeon at Georgetown. I suspect I’d be in good hands with either, but I want to feel as comfortable with them as possible. If I’m for some reason not 100% comfortable with either of them I’ll go plastic surgeon shopping again.

I feel like tomorrow there will be a great deal of post appointment drinking.

What the doctors say in the next few days is going to set the course for 2007. I have months and months of treatment ahead and frankly it could really carry itself into 2008. But it’s the waiting that drives me crazy. Waiting for information, waiting for biopsy results, waiting for pathology reports, waiting for doctor’s appointments, waiting to go into surgery. And today is no different than any other day since the diagnosis.

Now where’s that bottle of wine…


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