it’s sweet, it’s fizzy, it’s…celery?

Dr. Brown's cel-ray soda

This weekend I had the opportunity to investigate vegetable flavored soda – no shit. Dr. Brown’s soda, makers of the very best black cherry soda I’ve ever had and does a better-than-average diet black cherry soda, now has a celery flavored soda. It’s quite interesting. When you crack open the can, the soda does indeed smell of celery. Real celery not like a fake-ass celery scent, but it really does smell like a big old stalk of celery. The first sip exhibits a slightly sweet celery taste with a subtle, peppery finish. This finish becomes more pronounced with each sip.

Celery is over 90% water, making the flavor so simple reproducing it, I imagine, would be a difficult endeavor. Think of other yummy natrual foods who’s flavors, when made artificially never quite taste right – banana, pineapple, etc. Dr. Brown’s cel-ray soda doesn’t taste exactly like celery but it certainly comes close, and I would argue, in a pleasant way. The flavor base is kind of like a weak ginger ale and the celery taste is less like celery the vegetable and more like celery seed, explaining the peppery finish a bit.

I drank it straight out of the can, well chilled. I think it would be best over lots of chipped ice – a celery slushie, if you will. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but by the end decided that I would drink it enthuiastically again, prompting me to wonder if there’s a diet cel-ray soda in the works. Please, Dr. Brown?


In other, clearly less-important-than-vegetable-soda news today is

Blog for Choice Day

I’m pro-choice and I vote (and blog). ‘Nuf said.

oh! and I know who I’m supporting in the Democratic primary. I am so excited for her campaign.

  1. Pete said:

    “Cele-Ray” is, quite possibly, the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of.

    For shame!

  2. m00se said:

    seriously – it wasn’t bad. weird, maybe, but not bad!

  3. Pete said:

    Lying isn’t going to help matters, missy.

  4. Thom said:

    Interesting. So if you put a stalk of celery in a Bloody Mary–you could serve this drink with a fried green tomato. :-)

  5. The LCS said:

    We at the League for the Suppression of Celery ask that you please cease and desist promoting celery related products such as the Evil Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda. Please instead join us in ridding the world from celery one stalk at a time.

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