fun at the doctor’s office OR Per-bloggin’: the medical files

what to do when you can't get your prescription bottle open

I no longer have hobbies – I have doctor’s appointments.

This week I went to five different doctor’s appointments where discoveries were made such as:

– I have a large fibroid pressing against my spine
– My ovarian cysts have rejoined the party
– I will have an expander placed at the same time as my mastectomy.
– I have calcium, B-6 & B-1 deficiencies. I have been taking supplements for months. They are the only supplements that I take. WTF?
– I need to take vitamin C as my immune system is in the toilet.
– My bone density isn’t what it should be.
– The incision site for my most recent surgery has developed an abscess.
– I have conjunctivitis

I also have a date for surgery: March 21.

All of this news, I’m sure, is just as thrilling to you as it was to me and you, dear reader, are so lucky as to get this parcel of information all at once, whereas I was forced to get just a little bit, day by day, throughout the week.

My primary care physician (whom I’ve seen 2x in the past seven days – he says hello.) does all of these crazy blood tests pretty much every time you go there which used to seem a little excessive to me, however I’m now really happy that I know what my blood levels are.

So now I’m on antibiotics for the abscess, a different set of antibiotics for the conjunctivitis, and the usual round of vitamins and tamoxifen. Taking regular drugs like this had me a little concerned about my liver, as I do like to give it some exercise. Thanks to my primary care physician’s fastidiousness I know that my liver is in tip top shape. Thank god something is.

  1. winona said:

    Your strength is admirable. Much love to you. *hugs*

  2. 1L said:

    may i have your address? i’d like to post you something.

  3. keely said:

    Man, it sounds so tiring, stay strong! I’m thinking of you.

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