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flowers at night

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I just took all my meds at once (every once in a while the times line up), so I’m growing very sleepy but wanted to post about the pathology report that I got from my breast surgeon yesterday.

Two lymph nodes were removed and both came back negative which is incredibly good news. That said the path report from the breast tissue stated “extensive ductal carcinoma in situ, nuclear grade 1-2, cribriform pattern with focal necrosis.” This means that there was far more DCIS in my right breast than any of the imaging revealed, and I had every kind of imaging available. I am extraordinarily glad that I ultimately made the decision to have the mastectomy.

The picture is from a lovely bouquet that my friend Robin surprised me with post surgery.

Naptime now. Zzzzzzzzzzz….


after first post surgery shower

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Those pesky drains were pulled yesterday by my plastic surgeon. When I say pulled, I mean pulled. My plastic surgeon said to take a deep breath and when I exhaled, she would pull. I asked her if it was okay if I yelled and she said yelling was good so, with very loud expletive, the drains were removed. She seemed pleased with my progress, and the incision sites and next week I go back for my first saline fill which will move me one step closer to reconstruction. I have to say though I’m more pleased than I thought I would be immediately post expander insertion. I ran around town today in a t-shirt without looking too obviously lopsided. Perhaps it’s the swelling, but regardless I’m enjoying it while I can. I see my breast surgeon on thursday. With the drains pulled, I can’t tell if there’s merely loose skin or fluid build-up around the incision area so I may call my plastic surgeon tomorrow – but hopefully it’s nothing to worry about.

But yesterday after my drs appt. I met up with Pete to borrow a few movies (thanks!), met up with a friend for lunch, then met up with friends for dinner and rented part of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s amazing what mindless TV will do for you when It’s hard for your eyes to focus on small print of any kind.

Tomorrow brings another drs appt, dinner with another friend and more bad TV. Besides the pain (which persists) all is going well.

NOAA Earth Day image

Happy Earth Day.

Here’s a random set Earth Day related links that I came across that I found either interesting or amusing.

– The EPA has a special front page to their website and a message from the Administrator, Steve Johnson

– WaPo presents their weekly slide show of animal views

Treehugger brings us a story about a really brilliant idea called walking buses.

Lighter Footsteps bring you ten easy ways to go green

earl – igoat

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As I’m supposed to be moving around (a fun prospect indeed) last night I took an adventure to both whole foods and barnes and noble for trash reading material.

In typical me fashion trash reading material includes such selections as the economist, ms., and bitch. Whole Foods was a bit of a disaster as I was way more hungry than I realized when I got there so I bought tons of things. Probably too much food, really. But I did manage to eat some sushi, potato salad, and pasta salad ( a frightening combination in any instance I know, dear reader) and followed it up by not one but two popsicles. I know you’re waiting for the inevitable, but no, I did not puke, thank you very much.

marked for surgery

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So I’m home, hopped up on drugs, but still in quite a bit of pain. The surgery went well though. I’ll know more when I get the full pathology report, but I do know that there was no lymph node involvement which is excellent news.

Many thanks to those of you who have been keeping me in your thoughts. It’s much appreciated. The messages and treats have also raised my spirits. For those of you who visited me in the hospital, it was so kind of you and made me very, very happy. Also, thanks for not getting grossed out when I puked in front of you on multiple occasions.

Off now to attempt to consume clear liquid and keep it down!

frozen food

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So tomorrow is my surgery. Quite honestly I was freaking out until this morning and had the realization that I’ve been living with the knowledge that there’s extractable cancer in my body that’s just sitting there since the end of December. Especially with my mercifully brief mets scare, it’s time for this chapter of my cancer experience to be over.

I go in at 6:30 in the morning and have a sentinel node biopsy, with the surgery immediately following. Surgery should take 4-5 hours. Then sweet, sweet morphine.

This picture is of the food I’ve made ahead and stashed in the freezer – split pea soup, chili, and baked ziti along with an amazing bye bye boobie carrot cake made by a friend (the cake is sliced and on top).

Allright kids, I have 2 hours left to eat and drink and a bottle of wine to kill. weeeeeeeeeee!

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