Marked for Surgery

marked for surgery

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So I’m home, hopped up on drugs, but still in quite a bit of pain. The surgery went well though. I’ll know more when I get the full pathology report, but I do know that there was no lymph node involvement which is excellent news.

Many thanks to those of you who have been keeping me in your thoughts. It’s much appreciated. The messages and treats have also raised my spirits. For those of you who visited me in the hospital, it was so kind of you and made me very, very happy. Also, thanks for not getting grossed out when I puked in front of you on multiple occasions.

Off now to attempt to consume clear liquid and keep it down!

  1. amy said:

    No lymph node involvement *is* excellent news!!! Hooray for that! I am so very pleased that this is now behind you! Much love for you!

  2. I’m thinking of you today and wondering how you are. I’m gathering up good springtime vibes I’m trying to send your way ~~ Gentle Hugs~ Peace!

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