after first post surgery shower

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Those pesky drains were pulled yesterday by my plastic surgeon. When I say pulled, I mean pulled. My plastic surgeon said to take a deep breath and when I exhaled, she would pull. I asked her if it was okay if I yelled and she said yelling was good so, with very loud expletive, the drains were removed. She seemed pleased with my progress, and the incision sites and next week I go back for my first saline fill which will move me one step closer to reconstruction. I have to say though I’m more pleased than I thought I would be immediately post expander insertion. I ran around town today in a t-shirt without looking too obviously lopsided. Perhaps it’s the swelling, but regardless I’m enjoying it while I can. I see my breast surgeon on thursday. With the drains pulled, I can’t tell if there’s merely loose skin or fluid build-up around the incision area so I may call my plastic surgeon tomorrow – but hopefully it’s nothing to worry about.

But yesterday after my drs appt. I met up with Pete to borrow a few movies (thanks!), met up with a friend for lunch, then met up with friends for dinner and rented part of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s amazing what mindless TV will do for you when It’s hard for your eyes to focus on small print of any kind.

Tomorrow brings another drs appt, dinner with another friend and more bad TV. Besides the pain (which persists) all is going well.


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