post-op. again.


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So it was decided by my plastic surgeon that the best way to deal with the seroma that developed post mastectomy was to go in and drain out the fluid. It had become so large that my right breast was approximately the same size it was pre-mastectomy. Since my tissue expander is already inserted, going in and doing it manually presented the potential of a puncture.

Therefore this morning I found myself at Washington Hospital Center, at 5:30AM checking in for yet another surgery, exactly two weeks after my mastectomy. My amazing plastic surgeon, Dr. Susan Otero, went in, evacuated the fluid, scraped out some clot build-up (ew!) and inserted two new drains which will stay in for about a week. This means I’ll probably get to take my drains to work with me, which should be a laugh a minute.

Happily yesterday I went thrifting and got several oversize button up shirts and a sweater, all nice enough for work, which will hopefully cover the drains.

I am exhausted, overly emotional from the anesthesia, and am hallucinating really negative things when I try to sleep so, here I am blogging, waiting for Joanna to pick up my prescriptions, and watching Annie Hall, which I just discovered came out the year I was born. How funny.

  1. amy said:

    I’m so sorry sweetie. We are thinking of you–Stoli is meowing his well-wishes. Love for you….

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey through this maze of health”care”. It’s important for me to be reading this and I wanted to let you know that what you are doing here is very important.

    I haven’t been where you are, but I can empathize with much of what you’ve said and I’ve been reading here for a while now. Thank you thank you for being you and talking about this- I’m sending out the few good vibes I have at this moment your way.

    Gentle post op hugs!

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