5 minute update

a lunch of fruit and sushi in a takeout container
So I’ve taken two days off of work to tend to Drs. appts. They’re all over the DC metro area and leave me feeling drained and often in pain so, I figured I’d just give myself the space to have 4 Dr. appts in 2 days and let that be enough to occupy my time.

I also haven’t been online in 2 days which is making me a bit nutty. (Yeah, yeah, even more so than ususal.)

The docs seem to think that everything is going well, although I’m getting a little bit of conflicting information. It’s this kind of thing that I’ve come to the realization is inevitable with my diagnosis – early stage, low to medium grade cancer, no known genetic predisposition. Pretty good in terms of a Cancerland diagnosis, but combine it with my age and it seems to make all of my doctors scratch their heads a bit. It kind of makes me feel like a car that’s making a weird noise, or has a part that the mechanic knows will eventually need replacing, but isn’t sure when. Apparently, I could go 100,000 miles or 5,000 and be fine “as is” but no one seems to know for sure. WTF?


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