Why bother?

Sometimes I wonder how I got cancer, then I wonder why I waste my time….

  1. yeah, milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, plastic, glass, cloth, breathing… all these things are hazardous one week and healthy the next.

    you got it because God likes us, but he’s got a terrible sense of practical jokery…

  2. Thom said:

    uh, because life is random.

  3. soaringontop said:

    I’m sorry it happened to you. There many reasons behind cancer, but still the healthiest people can get it for no apparent reason. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you know there are people who read your blog and supporting you :)

  4. You wrote: “To some it may seem like I’m overreacting, but really I’m trying to take this cancer thing in stride and treat it like I would anything else in my life by becoming active and informed. Being an active consumer is never a bad thing.” GOOD FOR YOU! You are not over reacting and you might save not only your own health but others as well. Years ago I learned of an online soapmaker who told me a secret…she was very sick, and the doctors had ruled out every possible cause except the synthetic fragrances she used in her soapmaking business. She couldn’t go public, because she was afraid her ex-husband would go to court and take her kids away if he knew she was sick. She hoped to appoint a guardian for her kids in case she died before she was cured, before her ex-husband found out. She cried to me on the phone and begged me to spread the word about this, since she could not. I have suffered personally and professionaly from my crusade to spread the word…but never as much as this poor woman. So I crusade, and all my enemies who think I am crazy…and use the name “Susan” as the equal to nutjob. Keep up the good fight! Blessings, Sue

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