Raw Week

check out these melons

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For various reasons, we’ve decided to eat raw this week. The myriad of reasons for this include the beginning of a downward spiral of eating more unhealthfully than I’d like, the benefits of eating raw, and the hard reboot I seem to need to make any kind of real change in my eating habits. After gaining a lot of weight in grad school, Pete and I did the Atkins diet for a little while, which is fun if you’re vegetarian. I seem to recall eating a lot of veggies and low-fat cheeses. It was a little weird, and not really a me thing to do, but I had to do something and it worked – the weight I gained in grad school is still gone, and I don’t eat bread or other carbohydrates nearly as much as I used to. Big shifts in eating habits normalize new patterns in food consumption making these, hopefully better food choices, easier to continue – at least that seems to be true for me.

Additionally I’ve been reading about the potential relationship between cancer and diet. I’ve waxed and waned in terms of deciding how far I want to take things, what I want to cut out, and add to my diet to make me healthier and keep the cancer beast at bay. It occurred to me while watching Crazy Sexy Cancer last week that if I’m willing to have a healthy breast removed in the hopes that it will give me the very lowest odds of getting cancer again, why not take a genuine look at my diet? Of course, I want to be realistic and make quality-of-life considerations as well (for me this means cupcakes and beer, not necessarily together) but there’s certainly room for improvement.

On the upside, I’ll probably get over my caffeine addiction this week. My only real cheat is green tea (without a hot drink I get so cold at work that I can barely move my fingers). On the downside, there has already been discussion about breaking raw week with a brownie sundae. Oh well… baby steps.

Next stop – wheatgrass!

  1. 1L said:

    good luck, sounds like fun! :)

    i’ll share one yummy raw foods recipe that i came across recently, for cucado soup. if you like cucumbers (i LOVE cucumbers) and avocados, then this is a really good, cooling summer soup. i definitely included the cherry tomatoes and topped with a little sea salt.

    if you come across any great raw foods recipes, i hope you share them here. i also enjoy reading your food blog posts!

  2. fatma said:

    Congratulations. It will be one of the best things you have done for yourself.

    There are so many resources out there for inspiration and education. For recipes check out http://www.goneraw.com

    How about a raw brownie sundae instead :)

    Check out my blog and website for inspiration too.


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