raw week – day 4

green smoothie

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It’s day 4 of eating raw. Last night I got ambitious and tried a soup recommended by 1L. After fighting with the blender a bit, the soup was blended and looked and smelled delicious. Unfortunately when sitting down to enjoy it there was something in the texture that was simply too much to deal with. The girl and I took several bites, and kept asking each other if we liked it. “It’s good,” followed by the addition of something to the soup – sunflower seeds, more grape tomatoes. The it was decided that it would be better if you had something to cut the flavor and texture – like a cracker or some nice multi-grain bread. Ha! So it was axed and we dined on pre-cut carrots, berries, nuts, tomatoes, and apples. Thanks so much for the recommendation – but it just did not work for us, which sucks since it was so pretty (pictures to come).

That said I got up and made a green smoothie this morning. After last night I was a little concerned but decided to go for it anyway. I used the basic Green and Gone recipe and added a handful of blackberries and a few ice cubes. It was delicious. So good, in fact that I need to get more kale so I can make more.

Green and Gone Smoothie Recipe– modified

* 1 quarter to 1 half fresh pineapple (i used 1/2)
* 3 leaves of Kale
* 1 ripe banana
* 4 fresh mint leaves
* handful of fresh blackberries
* 2 to 4 cups water


Place all ingredients in blender.

Start out with only enough water to cover everything about half-way (allows it to blend to a creamy consistency). After all creamy, add more water to get to the thickness you prefer.

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  1. 1L said:

    ha, sorry the cucado soup didn’t work out for you! :) the green and gone smoothie sounds awesome though – i’ll have to try that one. maybe i’ll take a trip to liquid earth over lunch for a yummy smoothie treat.

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