raw week comes to a close

This evening we broke raw week at dinner with Indian food – salmon tikka and a potato and cauliflower dish. I have to say it was nice to feel fully satisfied walking away from a meal.

I do think that there are benefits to eating raw. You’re certainly getting plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I found that I generally felt excellent in the mornings and had less difficulty getting out of bed which is funny since my caffeine intake has been next to nothing. As each day progressed I found myself hitting a wall somewhere around 1pm, and then getting progressively tired as the day wore on. I seemed to have more energy within one or two hours of eating though, so maybe I didn’t have the right pattern down and needed to snack on fruit or nuts or something more than I did.

I think leaning towards a more macrobiotic diet makes a lot of sense to me and I think I’ll strive to eat in that manner most of the time. While I don’t fully believe that what you consume can cure disease, I do think that health and diet are intrinsically linked.

That said, dessert was a homemade brownie sunday with cookie dough ice cream. Light ice cream, mind you.


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