and today’s gold star goes to…

me.  had a 100cc expander fill (about 3.4 fluid oz.) and i’m at work.

had i not seen the actual fill done, i would be convinced that someone inserted a grapefruit into my chest during the night.

that is all.

  1. Wow, and back to work? Good for you. It must feel odd. I hope you’re doing okay, been thinking of you.

    Peace today.

    ~ RS ~

  2. Ruth said:

    Hiya – I stumbled over here from the YSC after reading one of your posts…. I look forward to reading your blog more thoroughly. Hope you are feeling well. I see you already are linked to me – the sisterhood is far and wide, unfortunately.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Jai said:

    Had a bilateral mastectomy 7 mos ago, with tissue expansion in prep. for tomorrows insertion of implants. The “fill ups” were weekly until 650 cc’s. Felt like I was all breasts!! How did your surgery for implants go? I’m excited to get finished up, but hope it won’t be as uncomfortable to live with as the expanders. It’s been an uncomfortable 7 mos.

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