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Usually for a tofurky roast I just use the sauce recipe on the box, but this year I decided to switch it up a bit, and looked around for something different. I adapted tofurky boxes this Ginger Garlic Tofurky Roast Recipe as it was kind of a last minute thing, and I had no ginger – no worries, and doubled it to cover both roasts.

* 3 tbsp grated or minced fresh garlic
* 3 tbsp olive oil
* 2 tbsp sesame oil
* 2 tbsp soy sacue or tamari
* 1/4 tsp celery seed
* 1/8 tsp dried mustard
* 2 Tofurky roasts

I left a lot of garlic sitting atop each roast and went in and basted them every 20-30 minutes or so during baking. The tofurky had a really nice flavor, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Honestly, I think it was better than if I had used the ginger. I feel like it would have been a bit overpowering.



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So, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was truly a feast. There was so much food brought to the house – we had a ton of food and all of it was delicious. This picture doesn’t even show all of it.

Just to give you a run down there was: quinoa salad, candied sweet potatoes, 2 kinds of turkey, tofurky, veggie gravy, roasted root veggies, roasted asparagus, squash and sweet potatoes with dried cranberries, stuffing, Gina’s crazy mashed potatoes, corn bread, and green bean casserole. For dessert there were 2 kinds of apple pie, a mocha pecan pie, a banana cream pie and vanilla ice cream.

I played it kinda low-key this year with the tofurky. I even bought the tofurky stuffing in case anyone wanted some without the tofurkey. Considering that Joanna and I were both sick, it was a really good thing that none of the items we made were too taxing. (Joanna was supposed to be my prep cook/slicer/dicer but considering that I was the giver of the cold and she, the recipient, once I saw her crashed out on the couch with oliver, I didn’t have the heart to wake her.) joanna and oliver, asleep The mocha pie, squash and sweet potatoes, tofurkey and root veggies, and asparagus came from our kitchen. I attempted parker house rolls, but sadly they were a complete disaster, that never saw the table. Everything else was brought by friends, and everything was so, so good. There were mountains of leftovers, which we’re about to eat for dinner.

I’ve got recipes to come. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Joanna pointed this article out to me yesterday. While old school Sesame Street is being released on DVD it comes with a disclaimer. From the NY Times article,

According to an earnest warning on Volumes 1 and 2, “Sesame Street: Old School” is adults-only: “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

Just for the record, my favorite character was oscar the grouch and i loved the alistar cookie bit.


The last few weeks have been a little whirlwind with starting a new job and finally getting back to feeling more normal after my last surgery. I’ve recently gotten a gym membership and have been going off and on for the past three weeks. Even though for the first week and a half I was only walking on the treadmill, I developed a little bruising and would be in so much pain the day after that I had to go visit my plastic surgeon. Apparently all was well, but the internal sutures hadn’t dissolved yet, so were causing all the trouble. My surgeon gave me a refill on my Valium prescription to take as needed. The combination of that and the dissolving sutures (you can seriously tell that they’re slowly going away because they’re poking out of my skin) has allowed me to exercise more often and for a longer period of time, which at this point, feels like a luxury. The next surgery is scheduled for December 20th – looks like I’ll be getting new boobs for Christmas.

This weekend I saw Ani Difranco at the Meyerhoff. It was a great show. I love to see how she adapts her show to the space in which she’s playing. I also got to eat at one of my favorite Top 5, Top 5 restaurants – the Helmand. I haven’t been there in years, but the food is still amazing. Four of us had bread, appetizers, an entree, wine, and Turkish coffee for $30 a person including tip. It’s quite a deal.

pretzel dogSpeaking of food I seem, to have developed a slight addiction to pretzel dogs. If you like tofu dogs, you should really try these little things. They’re quite yummy, and relatively healthy. It’s too bad that I’m not supposed to have a serving of soy more than once a week or I think I’d be eating them all the time… now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it a really good thing I’ve got to limit my soy intake…

I think I’m fighting off a cold, so I’ve got the first pot of vegetable soup of the season on the stove, and I think it’s off to bed with me early tonight.

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