Sauce for Tofurky Roast

Usually for a tofurky roast I just use the sauce recipe on the box, but this year I decided to switch it up a bit, and looked around for something different. I adapted tofurky boxes this Ginger Garlic Tofurky Roast Recipe as it was kind of a last minute thing, and I had no ginger – no worries, and doubled it to cover both roasts.

* 3 tbsp grated or minced fresh garlic
* 3 tbsp olive oil
* 2 tbsp sesame oil
* 2 tbsp soy sacue or tamari
* 1/4 tsp celery seed
* 1/8 tsp dried mustard
* 2 Tofurky roasts

I left a lot of garlic sitting atop each roast and went in and basted them every 20-30 minutes or so during baking. The tofurky had a really nice flavor, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Honestly, I think it was better than if I had used the ginger. I feel like it would have been a bit overpowering.


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