clearly, i’m a sucker

yoda does christmas

Originally uploaded by l@in.

A shopping trip to 5 stores covering Annendale and Falls Church, looking for a small Christmas tree with clear lights resulted in a new turtle light, various paper products, various ornaments and other holiday accoutriments, a new pair of holiday slippers with penguins on them (for the hospital), 1 hello kitty stocking (for Oliver), 1 cookie monster stocking (for Joanna), and 1 Yoda stocking (for me) as well as the new season of Big Love.

Then we came home and ordered a Christmas tree and stocking holders online, because all the trees in the store were hideous, or over 6 foot tall, or intended for the outdoors. So much for 4 hours of suburban shopping.

1 comment
  1. Pete said:

    Do you see what happens, Larry? Do you see what happens when you go shopping in the ‘burbs?

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