With Cancer You Get Smoothies

lunch smoothie

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The other day 1L asked me some questions about my smoothie making. I thought they were pretty good so I thought that I’d just write about them here, instead of responding on my flickr stream. I didn’t really start making smoothies until the cancer thing was really under control. I wanted to eat more healthfully which was something that I’ve been trying to work on for the past few years, but my health issues really kicked this into high gear. I started reading about people who were using nutrition to combat cancer, mainly macrobiotics. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress, but it’s an ongoing thing. Joanna and I did a week of raw eating last summer. I’d definitely like to do that again. I don’t think I could do it all the time but I think it’s a good break from normal eating and gets me back into eating more fresh, unprocessed foods. I still eat too much sugar and sweets in general. That said, the last time I saw my doctor, he said my cholesterol was in a really healthy range and I’d lost some weight, so clearly I’m doing something right.

Anyway, 1L asks:
“I’ve been thinking about juicing for a while now, and I’ve got a couple questions for you, if you have the time:
-Where do you find your smoothie recipes, or do you just make them up and experiment?
-Did you buy a special juicer or blender? I don’t have either right now, but was looking to buy a blender with some BB&B gift certificates that I have.
-Do you transport smoothies to work for lunch, or just drink at home?”

At first I looked for smoothie recipes online. I think I found a lot on raw food blogs. It might have been through Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer documentary that I really started to consider juicing and green smoothies, using kale as a base for the smoothie. After I made them a bunch, I just started throwing anything in. Now I’ve started to experiement with more vegetables. The other day I put leftover broccoli in it, and today some fresh carrots that need to be eaten. I’ve discovered that pretty much everything works. Also, if you’re drinking it right away, ice is a good thing to add for texture and temperature.

I usually try to throw a little bit of fruit juice in too, but not too much and I use water as the liquid base. Though, if you’re looking for protein, all fruit and a little yogurt or milk is a yummy smoothie. I think the weirdest smoothie I’ve ever made was when I was recovering from surgery and got a really big protein craving. I put a banana, milk, and a few tablespoons of peanut butter in the blender with some ice. It was pretty good.

I use a plain old Oster blender that I’m pretty sure I got in college to make frozen drinks. It’s not special. I don’t think it was the cheapest model I could get, but I don’t think it cost more than $40. You could get something nicer, and it might work better, but right now this one is working for me.

I used to only drink smoothies at home but I was chatting with a friend recently who said that she’d been taking them to work for lunch. I peppered her with questions and she said that it separated a little, but a little stir fixed that. It was fine in terms of temperature if she put it in the fridge right when she got to work. She said that she just put whatever fresh or frozen fruit she had on hand and sometimes used yogurt and it always worked out fine. I tried it the other day; I made a smoothie, popped it in a drink bottle with a straw and froze it. I took it to work and let it sit on my desk and it thawed out in about four hours and was yummy and slushy. This way I don’t have to make the smoothie in the morning, because I’m really lazy and unless I’m working from home, it won’t happen.

  1. 1L said:

    hey Sarah, thanks so much for writing this entry in response to my questions! :) I really appreciate it, and you’ve given me lots of good ideas to get me started.

    i’ve experimented with some raw recipes in the past, mostly out of laziness, being a mostly-vegetarian who doesn’t like to cook much. my favorite foods are fruits and veggies that haven’t been cooked – so it almost makes sense for me to explore more “raw” recipes.

    but juicing or making green smoothies to drink for breakfast/lunch is something i’ve been coming across more and more lately. i’m going to try it, because the whole cereal/oatmeal/granola bar for breakfast is getting pretty boring, and I’m trying to eat less processed foods overall.

    i’m picking up a blender after work, and Dave got me the Juicing Bible book from the library – so we’ll see how it goes. your banana/PB smoothie recipe has my mouth watering, so I think that I will definitely try one of those!

    thanks again!

  2. I love green juices and smoothies…they’re a part of my life. My whole family loves them and have all noticed a remarkable improvement in health since having them daily in our lives. YUM!

    Cheers :)

    Kristen’s Raw

  3. amy said:

    Mmmmm—I LOVE smoothies. I sometimes have them for breakfast with a little wheat germ stirred in. We have also been making juices, and by far my FAVORITE is anything with pear. Pear, parsnip, and apple make the absolute most delicious drink EVER!

  4. Len Paxton said:

    I have started making Broccoli smoothies – delicious.
    Anybody out there got a broccoli recipe that includes apples ansd carrots, anything that is a top notch fighter against cancer.

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