home again, home again…

we’re home. we’re tired. we’re cuddling with the cat.

  1. andrew said:

    Welcome home!

    … where were you?

  2. Shani R said:

    Hey! That overlook isn’t far from my house!! What a great view….and are you wearing a skirt?

  3. m00se said:

    I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet up! The view from Mt. Olive is just incredible. And yes, I am wearing a skirt – it goes all the way down to my ankles!

  4. Paul B. said:

    Saw the picks you uploaded to Flickr. Looks like you got around much of the country. Very cool! Was the trip business or pleasure?

  5. Shani R said:

    I obviously have no sense of direction…I live near the other overlook, not the overlook on Mt. of Olives. And for some reason I never thought of you as someone who wears skirts….

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