what will the boy scouts do?

This is the best thing ever. Yay, Philly!

City, Scouts battle over discrimination policy

“A battle between Philadelphia and it its local Boy Scouts council is likely to end this month, when the scouts’ lease on their 80-year home at 22nd and Winter Streets runs out May 31.

The building, built and maintained by the scouts over the last 80 years, sits on city property and has previously cost them $1 per year to occupy.

However, if the Philadelphia Boy Scouts council, called Cradle of Liberty, hopes to retain the building, it must agree to pay market rate rent – about $200,000, according to city officials.

At issue is a Boy Scouts’ national policy toward homosexual men, who are barred from serving in leadership positions in the organization

  1. andrew said:

    Aww. I always am torn when I read articles like this. I had a lot of fun in Boy Scouts when I was young and I’d like to hope my son (should I have one) will have the opportunity to do the same. But it’s hard to reconcile their values with mine. A quandry…

  2. m00se said:

    It is a quandary. Frankly, I’m more taken with the actions of the City of Philadelphia. It’s a bold move and an interesting one. I don’t necessarily think the Boy Scouts are bad on a blanket level, however it is nice to see a city government say to a non-profit that essentially, they can do whatever they want, however if they discriminate, they don’t get the benefits of an inclusive non-profit.

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