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new house

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You’ve probably figured it out already, but last month Joanna and I bought our first house. We started looking right around the time we returned from Israel, and as a result we’ve been pretty busy and droped off the face of the Earth (sorry!). By the time we moved in, I’d say we were pretty house-fatigued.

But now we are almost done with our initial round of improvements which will facilitate the last of the boxes being unpacked. I suspect we’ll be done with the painting this weekend.

Oliver, shy little guy that he is, loves the house more than we expected. He tears up and down the stairs and often chooses to sleep on a patch of hardwood floor instead of crawling into bed with us. We miss him. Hopefully the novelty will wear off. We’re mattress shopping, so perhaps the allure of something new (and cushy) will lure him back to bed.

Just wanted to update, and rejoin the world. Hello! Now back to important things, like Olympic beach volleyball. Go May-Treanor/Walsh!

  1. F_D said:

    Dude! Cats *L*♡*V*E* stairs! Enjoy your new joint!

  2. Winnie said:

    Very lovely! Congrats on your new home!

  3. Paul B. said:

    Congrats on the new home! Maria and I can sympathize, we spent nearly three months last summer searching for a house. Oddly enough, we ended up buying the first house we ever looked at!

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