weekend round-up

Honestly, it’s been difficult to strike a balance between getting things done in the house and taking some time to just chill out and enjoy the summer. This weekend, though, I think we came close to hitting the mark. Friday we went out and tried Sakana in Dupont and then saw Woody Allen’s new film. The sushi was actually quite good, and the oyster roll was excellent. The film was not quite what I expected, but was hilarious. If you get a chance, you should see it. Saturday we went and picked out a treadmill to replace our gym membership, then we finished painting the bedroom. It is a really gorgeous shade of blue now. Today we did the trim after hitting the Takoma Park farmer’s market and having brunch at Mark’s Kitchen. An indulgence, I’m almost embarrassed to say, we’ve succumbed to for the past three Sunday mornings. I also ran into an old college friend while looking for melon’s which was a nice surprise.

So, now the first round of improvements to the house are really finished. Time to unpack, put the books on the shelves, mow the damn lawn, and find some patio furniture so we can finally enjoy that deck we were so excited about.


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