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Now we can brace ourselves for the Big Melt of ’10! I’m not sure what I hate more the digging or the dripping. For days now I’ve watched patches of ice migrate down the sides of our brick exterior and culminate in ever lengthening and dangerous looking icicles. They are hefty, thick, and glass-like. I’ve taken to looking up when standing under the porch or the overhangs around the house, just to assess if I might need to quickly move out of their way. They look like they could do some damage.

We fared pretty well through the series of snow storms. We dug out early and often. We made sure the hydrant across the street was free. Most of our neighborhood has been dug out since yesterday. This is why the appearance of a curved metal shovel in the place of our metal-lipped, plastic blue shovel on our porch this morning seems particularly strange. Who took our shovel? Why did they replace it with this crappy shovel? What did they need our shovel for? And didn’t they already have a shovel if they were able to replace ours with their lousy shovel? I liked our old shovel. It worked nicely. It was light. It was a good size for both of us to use. After all the digging we’ve done in the past two months, I feel unreasonably attached to our shovel. Plus it matches Joanna’s ski jacket, and that’s kind of adorable.

Our neighborhood is pretty low-key and residential. We saw other people hide their shovels or take them in at night. We didn’t, and only talked about it once, but I think it’s pretty sad of one if your neighbors steals your shovel. I don’t know what to make of it if they replace your shovel with a lesser version.

So I think I’m going to take the dog for a nice long walk and try to avoid the puddles. She deserves it after being cooped up during all of these storms. I’m going to keep my eye out though, for a blue shovel with a matching blue handle. Better yet, I hope it just finds it’s own way home.

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