Book Club Discussion Questions: Kosher Nation

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to lead a book club discussion on the book, Kosher Nation. I use the term lead loosely, as the group really led itself. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to any kind of book discussion where there were absolutely no lulls, all of the points brought up were interesting, and everyone there was engaged. Good stuff.

I did panic a little bit when I realized that I couldn’t find any book club discussion questions or guide for leading a discussion of the book. Sure, it’s not on Oprah’s reading list, but I thought I might come across something. So, I put together a few questions for every chapter, and have shared my document via Google docs. If you end up leading or wanting to lead a discussion on this title, I think they’re at least good base to initiate a discussion . Or if you’re reading it alone, they might still be useful for you.

Happy reading and discussing!


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