I am a librarian by training and an info geek by trade. I enjoy running, and running, and more running. I am going on 5 years cancer free. I love good food, and good beer, and good company.

  1. Shayna R said:

    Hello Sarah, I never got to know you very well while we were at SLIS. I follow your blog through SLISBlogs, and I want to tell you that if you are ever in need of someone to listen, I will be more than happy to listen.

    God for you for discovering Cel-Ray!!

  2. Dr. Alpa Patel said:

    Dear Sarah-
    I am the director of the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) for the American Cancer Society and we stumbled across your blog encouraging your friends/family to enroll in this study. I wanted to express my heartfelt best wishes for a speedy and long-lasting recovery to you as well as my most sincere thanks for understanding and promoting the important research we are doing. I wish you all the best.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my personal blog. I have called my doctor’s office already this morning and am waiting for a call back from the nurse; your comment gives me more ammunition, especially as I had a CT scan for kidney stones 9 months or so ago in which an “odd” spot was seen in my “chest tissue” (I don’t recall on which side, so it may not be the same side as this lump); it was pooh-poohed away without further testing, too. Don’t worry about “scaring me more”; I’ll be scared if/when I need to be, and until then, I’m just mad that I’m not getting the care I know all women should get. And I’m going to fight for it. I’m very glad to hear from someone who, although unfortunately in your position, knows that what I am asking for is NOT stupid or silly to demand. I wish you well, and please keep blogging. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Hi Sarah – Often wondered how you are. I see from your stories that you are your same hilarious self, but not without a few tribulations. It may be that breast cancer can strike anyone at any age, but, quite frankly, I didn’t believe that until I read your blog. Thank you for sharing; I’m appropriately scared for myself and stunned by your bravery and candor. Well, enough of that. Keep posting. Glad to know what’s up your way.

  5. Hello Sarah – I found your blog and Flickr photos while searching for images of surgical drains. I’d like to wish you well, and ask if I may link to your blog on my site? It may encourage others in the fight. Thanks, Pam Stephan (About.com Guide fo Breast Cancer, 5-year Survivor)

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