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I’m almost moved. I have some cleaning to do at the old place and a few random things to pick up and that’s it. Whew.

This week has been exciting because I had to take one of my little turtles to the vet. Gamera is a Florida mud turtle who kind of looks like this picture here. I was out of

town over the weekend, and when I came home Sunday night, I noticed that there was some kind of wound on the back of her neck and her shell. It almost looked like her skin and shell were being eaten away by something. Monday I had a really fun time trying to find a vet close by which would see her and was open late enough that I would be able to get her there with out taking off from work. I found one – in bloody Fairfax! The vet was backed up with emergencies which resulted in a 3 hour visit, but it was completely worth it. She said that it could be something bacterial, or something worse, so it’s being treated with an anti-biotic which I have to shoot into her little arm (I have yet to do this myself. Should be thrilling.) She has turtle vicoden which I apply to a food stick and pop in her new, separate heated tank, and I apply an iodine solution to her wounds 2x a day. She was really pissed to be poked and prodded at the vet however she was relatively well behaved. It almost looks better – at least it doesn’t look worse, so cross your fingers. If this doesn’t work the outcome isn’t so hot so please send happy turtle thoughts the little lady’s way.

If you have a less-than-average pet in the DC Metro area I highly recommend Eastern Exotic Veterinary Center. They were attentive, helpful, professional, and personable. The visit could have taken a shorter period of time, but it’s clear that they care about each animal who comes in the door.

Speaking of pets, tonight we pick up a new kitty who’s tentative name is Oliver. Expect pictures!

NOAA Earth Day image

Happy Earth Day.

Here’s a random set Earth Day related links that I came across that I found either interesting or amusing.

– The EPA has a special front page to their website and a message from the Administrator, Steve Johnson

– WaPo presents their weekly slide show of animal views

Treehugger brings us a story about a really brilliant idea called walking buses.

Lighter Footsteps bring you ten easy ways to go green

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